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Internal Cleanse – What is it?

March 6, 2010 by Vanessa  
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Are You Plagued with Lingering Health Problems?

Irritability, fatigue, constant or infrequent trips to the toilet, depression and stomach discomfort due to lack of exercise and poor diet are often pointed out as the root causes.

What is Internal Cleansing – Internal cleansing is an entire program to help detoxify and maintain the equilibrium of your body.

Simply put, how you feel on the inside directly affects how you feel on the outside, and you may be due for an internal cleansing.

Internal cleansing is not a quick and easy fix for your internal problems, but if done correctly and over a period of weeks, internal cleansing can put you on the fast track to well being.

Think about how many times during the past week you didn’t do something because you just didn’t feel right, or you didn’t want to be around people for whatever reason.

Did you have a stomach ache?  Gas or bloating?  Diarrhea or cramps?  Maybe you are saddled with anxiety that you aren’t even aware is due to these internal digestive feelings?  Maybe you just felt downright tired or depressed?

The knee jerk reaction to fixing your underlying mental and digestive problems is to use some sort of quick fix, an over the counter remedy that will reduce your gas or frequent trips to the restroom, or some sort of prescribed medicine to put you in a better mood.

While a short term solution, these over the counter and prescription remedies do not address the root of your problem, something that internal cleansing will do for you.

Internal Cleanse – What is it?

Internal cleansing is an entire program to help detoxify and maintain the equilibrium of your body.

Internal cleansing is a regimen that starts with a pre-cleanse and then three weeks of focused internal cleansing, each week designed to target a principle internal function; (week one) liver and gallbladder, (week two) kidneys and  lungs and (week three) blood, skin and lymph systems.

Primarily focused on restoring the functionality of your digestive system, enhanced blood flow, respiratory systems and organ function, internal cleansing is the key to feeling great and having more energy!

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Why is Internal Cleanse Needed?

Your body is comprised of several mechanical and chemical systems such as the digestive, nervous and circulatory systems. Under normal circumstances, these systems are designed to cleanse themselves regularly of both internal endo-toxins and external pollutants or exo-toxins so that you naturally feel better.

However, in our hustle and bustle world filled with fast food, TV and stress, our bodies have a hard time removing these toxins on their own.  The buildup of these toxins can lead to a myriad of internal problems that can make you feel horrible and keep you from living your life to its fullest.

Done on a regular basis, internal cleansing can reduce the strain your body experiences when trying to rid itself of vast quantities of these endo-toxins and exo-toxins, while at the same time restoring the complete functionality of your organs and complex systems to give you more energy than you ever felt possible!  Feel good inside and out!

How to Start Cleansing?

Colon, parasite and liver detoxing are the primary three cleanses if you need to attempt internal cleanse.

Colon internal cleansing stands out as the very first stage in internal cleansing. This included detoxification of the colon of toxin and parasites. This is sometimes followed by a liver cleanse. Liver detoxification entails flushing out the many gallstones that block our liver, and stop it from doing work effectively in removing all those toxins.

In the event you do not have time and lead a busy life-style, the least difficult and most useful strategy to start out detoxification is to have a try at a colon cleanser such as Bowtrol Colon Cleanser or try out with a Free Colon Cleanse.

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These can successfully eliminate the waste and parasites. A lot of people in fact even use it to shed excess fat because it is also so valuable in carrying out that.

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