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Colon Cleansing and Parasites : The Unseen Infection You Might Not Know About

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According to some scientific data, over eighty percent of the world’s population is infected by a parasitic life form of one sort or another. Because they live internally and cannot be seen on the skin or in the hair, intestinal and colon parasites are among the most common. Colon parasites can exist untreated for many years in humans, many of whom are unaware of their presence. It is said that at least three percent of the US population is affected by parasites of this kind. Here comes in the colon cleanse parasites treatment.

The unseen colon parasites infection you might not know about.

Types of Colon Parasite

Some parasites are large enough to be seen by the naked eye. Those that can be removed by natural colon cleanse include pinworms, tapeworms, hookworms, and flatworms. Some of these may grow to a meter and more in length. Other parasites can only be observed at the microscopic level.

Chilomastix mesnili and Giardia lamblia are two such examples. These “protozoans” are often no more than a few hundred cells in size and they may manifest themselves before the naked eye in the formation of cysts or other growths in the intestine or colon wall.

The cysts will be an entire collection of thousands or millions of organisms, feeding off the intestinal nutrients that the host is digesting. These cysts are sometimes large enough to cause discomfort and even pain. Worse, they may even cause enough friction and irritation to the wall of the intestine or colon to form cancerous growths or other pernicious diseases and potentially life threatening diseases.

How Do They Get In?

Colon parasites frequently enter the host body through the mouth. They are ingested in food or water. Undercooked meat is one foodstuff in which parasites may thrive. The parasites may be so small as to remain unseen on food, but once they are ingested they may travel through the digestive tract to the colon, where they may feed and grow to a far larger size, transforming themselves in the process from one form to another.

Parasites can also be found in farm animals and house pets. These can be spread to the host through interaction with the animal. Some parasites of this kind are so dangerous as to cause miscarriage in pregnant women.


So what are the symptoms of colon parasite infection? Some parasites of the colon are so innocuous as to have no symptoms whatsoever. Others may derive their food from the glucose or the breakdown of sugars produced in the digestive processes that the host is undergoing. This may starve the host of his or her energy, resulting in fatigue.

Parasites may also excrete or respire toxins that can cause nausea, diarrhea, or other more powerful symptoms. Certain parasites may not feed on the host’s fecal matter or food, preferring instead to feed on blood supply. This in turn can produce further symptoms again. Some parasites spend part of their life cycle in other parts of the body before travelling to the intestine or colon.


There are numerous treatments for colon parasites. Some of these are preventative and will enhance your chances of never becoming infected. A top colon cleansers or colon cleaner will clear the colon of dirt and the nutrients that a parasite might feed off, providing a less salubrious environment for the parasite. If the parasite already infects the host, similarly the colon cleanser may dislodge the parasite and eradicate the organism.

Herbal remedies and probiotic foods and prebiotic foods may also provide a more healthy intestine and colon for the host, discouraging bacterial or worm infection. Intensive treatments that last weeks or even months will get rid of more serious colon parasites.

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