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Colon Cleanse Parasites: Causes of Infection and Flushing Them Out

May 6, 2010 by Vanessa  
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Statistics suggest that eighty – five percent of the world’s population is affected by some kind of parasite infection. Many of these people live their lives day to day not realizing that they are infected with parasites. Some of these parasites are colon parasites, and certain kinds of colon parasite are relatively harmless, others can cause intense irritation and pain and can lead to serious ill health.

colon cleanse parasites

Standard colon cleansers can help remove colon parasites.

What Causes Parasites

Colon parasites can be caused through ingestion. Eating infected food, such as uncooked or poorly cooked meat and fish that is contaminated with the parasites, can result in the parasite infecting the host. House pets including cats and dogs may contaminate their owners if they themselves are infected with colon parasites. Playing with and handling infected pets spreads the parasites. Sometimes the microscopic eggs of the parasite can be exhaled by a cat or dog through a sneeze or pant, and inhaled by the owner.

Even sharing the same room and air space as an infected pet is a danger. Water is a major contaminant when it comes to parasites. Many microscopic and miniscule organisms thrive in water, which is a great substrate for many kinds of life.

Some kinds of colon parasites live in one phase of their life cycle in the water or in food. However, once they have the opportunity to enter a host body, they will go into another phase of their life cycle that is easier for them to survive in.

For example, they may develop a sucker to latch onto and feed off the host’s intestinal wall, and lose the tail that they had used when swimming in the water. They will then feed off the nutrients that go to the host. If this feeding becomes intense, the host may feel a loss of energy or intense fatigue, and will hopefully seek medical assistance to.

Treatments for Colon Parasite Infection

There are numerous treatments for colon infection. Standard colon cleansers can help remove colon parasites. These parasites can be flushed out with a standard colon cleanser, and the hosts who carried the parasites were not even aware that they were infected. However, if a person is suffering symptoms that are severe enough to warrant a medical examination, they may require colon cleansing and parasites with the top colon cleansers.

Colon parasites may cause fatigue, nausea, stomach and abdominal discomfort, cramping, loose bowels, and headaches among various other symptoms. There are intensive therapies and treatments that are often required for more serious infections. These courses of medicine and treatment can last weeks and months rather than days. This is for any number of reasons.

For example, certain colon parasites spend their reproductive phases in other areas of the host, laying their eggs before travelling fully mature to reside in the colon. In treatment, once this first parasite has been flushed out, the eggs will still reside in the host. The eggs hatch, reproduce, and travel to the colon, and the host’s symptoms return. More intensive therapies are required to flush the system fully of the parasites in all their phases of life.

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